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Lifepath 3 – The way of Selfexpression – Nina Simone

“To express yourself/your true feelings”, sounds sometimes very easy when you read that term on paper. But actually really doin it…well, there are so many factors that sometimes won t let that happen, within causes from within or/and from external forces.
Nevertheless, therefore the lifepath 3 is there, to especially experience/learn/enhance/valuate/ and bring forth the individual selfexpressive forces to its beautiful outcome in any form possible.
Having seen todays anniversary birthday of iconic singer/pianist Nina Simone and noticed the 3 birthday, my interest was ignited to dig deeper. And, voila…lifepath 3!

Beside of it s inherent knack for being on any form of “stage” and entertain/uplift others, the 3 lifepath brings the gift for expressing the feelings of heart/mind /soul in a direct way.
As the lifepath describes the main lesson in life, it means, not always what is necessary to do is also easy to do. There can be many challenges within that lesson path, to overcome certain “blockades” that prevent the individual from tapping into it s truest potential vibrational force.

Some of the most common blockades on a 3 lifepath can be nagging selfdoubt towards inherent expressive talents (especially verbal ones), that can be “implanted” already in childhood, when parents or environment thwarted the creative ambitions.
Further it s scattering energy seduces the 3 lifepath “walker” many times to try many things, but not focussing on one thing and bring it to the end.

If someone with a 3 lifepath has discovered his talent for some expressive outlet, it needs to be educated and formed to it s best outcome with discipline and focus,
In nowadays time it will be very insightful from modern parents to observe their children with the help of numerology. So many latent talents can be supported to be guided in the right direction.

Nina Simone s powerful expression 8 destined her to combat on a very hard “battle field” in life (getting successful in the international music industry as a black woman), accumulate recognition and becoming a successful authority in her field of music.

The 8 is in general musical gifted and also known for it s occasional emotional eruptive “outbreaks” and in combination with the expressive 3….well…read for yourself 🙂
A very interesting fact catched my eye regarding her artist name, that she chose: Beside the “liberating”/free minded/unconditional love for all kind of human beings bearing 5 expression (name number), the soul urge number of “Nina Simone” is again…a 3! 

Never forget: Numbers never lie – and YOUR number rocks! 🙂

POSTED BY TH IN Uncategorized ON February 21, 2017