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Chuck Berry – on the path of the 1

Chuck Berry (lifepath 1) has recently “left the stage” forever and as a Rock n Roller I have to give of course here a small tribute in numbers to the legendary man of Rock n Roll History, that has inspired so many guitar players with his unique style.

If you learn guitar and want to play rock, there is definitely no way around, that some of his famous licks will be part of your natural learning procedures. 😀

The 1 in its basic characteristic stands generally alone. For its unique beliefs, vision, its way to work things out, usually following very individual, independent, even often very unusual own guidelines, that not seldom can “shake” society in its conservative matters.

The 1 vibration characterizes the trailblazer, the pioneer at heart that prefers to explore the realms/horizons, which havent been touched/visited/experienced before. Its the “starter”, creator, inventor, that initiates, “gives birth to”, ignites, instigates and always takes the lead in something where leadership is needed.Therefore someone having a significant 1 in the core of his/her chart is naturally equipped with a very strong will and the courage to pave a way with something for others that come after.

His expression 9 showed him as the fully integrated, universal artist (9) for the world stage (9), synthesizing/melting (9) many styles together to a very unique/individual (1) sound and performance.

He had quite a unique (1) way of presenting himself on and off stage and his personality was not often easy to cope with, especially for the various´bands, that had to accompany sometimes his shows.

His 7 personality made him to a certain extend unpredictable, perfectionisitc and harder to grasp. The 7 loves to tell stories and when “on stage” preferrably self written ones.

Btw., the colour for purple vibrates to the 7 and I observed a few concerts, where he wore purple colours. Nothing is coincidence.  This colour radiated just perfectly for his outer vibration (personality):-)

The 9 is the “fullfilling” number!

He “arrived” (born) on a 18th day, he departed on an 18th, at the age of 90…you could say somehow… “circle closed”.

Hail Hail Rock n Roll!



POSTED BY TH IN Uncategorized ON March 27, 2017