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The best way is always YOUR way – Your Lifepath number has the map!

From all the numbers in your numerology chart always the most important one is your lifepath number!
Although all numbers in the individual chart have to be seen in their specific relationship to each other and have of course their own significant importance on the spot (Name, Birthday, Personality, Personal year, etc…), the life path number is the most influential cycle, that spans from your birth until your departure. (more…)

POSTED BY TH IN Numerology ON February 14, 2017

Ibiza – Magic place with magic numbers

When you go to a place and its heartnumber is the number of your expression, then the place is attracting you in some way and “asking” for your talents to bring. When the expression of the place is your lifenumber, then the place might have some interesting life experiences to offer for your growth.

When your heart number matches the places expression, then you will find your luck maybe there.Well, it s no secret, what I feel for this piece of soil (see picture :-)) as many others do, that came here already since long time.  (more…)

POSTED BY TH IN Numerology ON February 13, 2017