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Chuck Berry – on the path of the 1

Chuck Berry (lifepath 1) has recently “left the stage” forever and as a Rock n Roller I have to give of course here a small tribute in numbers to the legendary man of Rock n Roll History, that has inspired so many guitar players with his unique style.

If you learn guitar and want to play rock, there is definitely no way around, that some of his famous licks will be part of your natural learning procedures. 😀 (more…)

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Lifepath 3 – The way of Selfexpression – Nina Simone

“To express yourself/your true feelings”, sounds sometimes very easy when you read that term on paper. But actually really doin it…well, there are so many factors that sometimes won t let that happen, within causes from within or/and from external forces.
Nevertheless, therefore the lifepath 3 is there, to especially experience/learn/enhance/valuate/ and bring forth the individual selfexpressive forces to its beautiful outcome in any form possible.
Having seen todays anniversary birthday of iconic singer/pianist Nina Simone and noticed the 3 birthday, my interest was ignited to dig deeper. And, voila…lifepath 3! (more…)

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